Schedule for RaceWorz Sacramento – Aug 25th, 2018

7:30am – Vendor Roll-In begins
8:00am – Racer Roll-In begins
9:00am – Show car Roll-In A
10:00am – Show car Roll-In B
10:00pm – Small Tire Shootout Meeting at Main Stage
11:00am – Show car Roll-In C
11:00am – Race Qualifying begins
11:30am – Day-Of Show Registration Roll-In (If not already sold out) 
11:45am – Track prep for Small Tire 1st Round
12:00pm – Singing of the National Anthem (by: Yvaine Singhaseni)
12:00pm – Small Tire Shootout 1st Round Begins
12:00pm – Sign-up begins for Limbo, Exhaust Competitions at Raceworz Booth
1:00pm -Car Show Judging Begins
1:15pm – Track prep for Small Tire 2nd Round
1:30pm – Small Tire Shootout 2nd Round Begins
2:45pm – Track prep for Small Tire 3rd Round
3:00pm – Small Tire Shootout 3rd Round Begins
3 – 6:30pm  – Bow Wow in appearance
4:00pm – Car Limbo Competition Begins
4:15pm – Track prep for Small Tire 4th Round
4:30pm – Small Tire Shootout 4th Round Begins & Big Tire 1st Round Begins
5:30pm – Exhaust Competition Begins
5:45pm – Track prep for Small Tire 5th Round
6:00pm – Small Tire Shootout 5th Round Begins & Big Tire 2nd Round Begins
7:15pm – Track prep for Small Tire 6th Round
7:30pm – Small Tire Shootout 6th Round Begins & Big Tire 3rd Round Begins
TBD – Car Show Award Announcements
TBD – Race Awards Announcements
*Times and schedule subject to change without prior notification*